Our villas are located in the heart of the Krabi region where fine sand beaches, turquoise waters, deserted islands and lush nature coexist.

          In order to offer you the change to discover the best during your stay, we have taken the time to select for you the best activities that will make your vacation unforgettable.


          We work with selected partners, allowing you to discover places not to be missed but also and especially some treasures away from tourist trails.

sea side


Take a longtail boat and visit

Poda Island, Chicken Island,

Tub Islanand Railey with is famous and majestic Phra Nang Cave.


Discover with a longtail boat Hong Island and is beautiful lagoon then go to the small islands of Parkbia, LaoLading and Paradise Beach. Sunset and snorkeling in Koh Daeng

Kho PhiPhi and sunset

Discover on speedboat hidden bays and some paradise beaches at Koh PhiPhi with two amazing

snorkeling spots.

Sunset on an island near Ao Nang.

Phang Nga BAY

Discover on speedboat

the beautiful islands of Koh Roi, Koh Yao, Koh Kudand

Koh Hong with its sandy beach.


Krabi and its region owns sublime seabed, ranging from Phang Nga Bay to Koh PhiPhi.

What discover many sea species.

Kayaking IN THE mangrove

Explore the mystical mangroves by discovering the unique ecological features of this important ecosystem and its canyons surrounding the karst cliffs.

land side


Galie, Therapist et Reiki professor, gives sessions at the Villa, alone

or in group, of Reiki, Yoga or

Tibetan singing bowls.


Initiation to climbing, or climbing for confirmed, with a biologist guide to meet the extraordinary fauna and flora of the Krabi region. 

preserved places and local life

Several programs are offered where you can discover the local, cultural and natural life of Krabi and it region, visit waterfalls, caves, swimming into rivers, see majestic temples, etc...


Half-day, Kayaking on a lake surrounded by karstic mountains, swimming in a wonderful emerald and natural pool, and lunch on the edge of the lake.

COOKing class

Learn how to cook the most

famous and tasty Thaï meals,

full of taste and colors, with

an amazing and English speaking chef.

Kids Club

  Activities organized for

the family or kids only

(3- 15 years). Creative learning in and around nature,

in a playful and fun way.

Trekking and exploration

Go explore, with a biologist, the many species present in the jungle and discover the beauty that surrounded you.

activities details


the 4 islands

Discover the surrounding islands of Krabi by private longtail boat, the traditional Thaï boat.

Explore Poda Island, with its main beach, unspoiled lagoon and cave with breathtaking views.

Then go to Chicken Island where you will discover the underwater fauna in snorkeling.

Got to Tub Island, with its fine sand.

And finnaly leave for Railay and its famous beach dominated by the majestic Phranang Cave. Magnificient !

Aperitif and Lunch are included.

Snorkeling equipment included.

Depending on the tides, the tour schedule will be adapted to finish on a sunset aperitif at Railay.

Adults :  1 500 THB


Child - 12 ans :   1 250 THB


Not inclued national park fees : 400 Thb per adult and 100 Thb per child.


Koh Hong, lagoon AND islets

Discover, on board of a traditional private longtail boat, the magnificent Hong Island, its large sandy beach and its fishy seabed.


Then go explore its lagoon, where the turquoise waters marry with the karst cliffs.


Then explore the surrounding islets of Koh Parkbia, Koh Lao Lading and Paradise Beach.


Discovery of the seabed at Koh Daeng where you will spend sublime moments of observation corals and colorful fish with your mask and snorkel.


he meal and the aperitif at sunset are included. Snorkeling equipment included.

Adult :  2 000 THB


Child - 12 ans :   1 250 THB


Not included national park fees of 300 Thb per adult and 100 Thb per child.


Koh PHIPHI and sunset

Departure in private speedboat to Koh PhiPhi.


You will have the feeling of being away from mass tourism throughout the day without missing the unmissable sites where you will go at the best times to avoid the crowds.


You will discover small hidden bays, wild and paradisiac beaches and a fascinating aquatic fauna.


On the program, two incredible mask and snorkel dives in the transparent waters offered by Koh PhiPhi where you may have the chance to see sharks and turtles, lunch on a small beach and you will end with an aperitif at sunset in the Local islands of Ao Nang.


For your safety, pregnant women and babies under 1 year old are not allowed on the speedboat.


Meals, aperitif and snorkeling equipment are included.

22,000 Bahts for 4 persons

+ 1,600baht/additional adult 


1,000Baht/additional child (from 1 to 12 years).

National park fees are included.



Departure by private speedboat to Phang Nga Bay.


Encounter with nature and its primary jungle or relaxation on small beaches without tourists.


You will explore these wonderful islands at your own pace.


On the program, Koh Roi, Koh Yao, Koh Kudu and the Koh Hong Islands with its fascinating mangrove-encircled lagoon and its incredible sandy beach.


Exploration with the aim of avoiding the crowd and adapted program to accent the visit on other hidden beauties of the bay.


There is no planned snorkeling for this trip because the environment does not really lend itself to it.


For your safety, pregnant women and babies under 1 year old are not allowed on the speedboat.


Meals included.

22,000 Bahts for 4 persons

+ 1,600baht/additional adult 


1,000Baht/additional child (from 1 to 12 years).

National park fees are included.



The seabed accessible from Krabi is majestic.


You can cross turtles, sharks, rays and all kinds of multicolored fish.


There are many diving spots available to you, as well as the different levels of Padi.


For more information on what can be offered to you, we invite you to contact us directly.

Prices vary depending on what you want to discover.


Please contact us directly for rates.


KayakING IN THE mangrove

You will explore the mangroves by Kayaking (duration 2 hours) to discover the richness of nature and the importance of it on local life.


You will be accompanied by a biologist guide who will share his knowledge of the fauna and flora present in these mangroves, while talking about the current projects of restoration and preservation of the latter.


You will then go for lunch in an overwater restaurant overlooking the emerald river.


Then walking to discover Tha Pom Khlong Song Naam Park, where the Emerald River meets the sea.


You will be able to walk, via paths built on stilts, in the middle of mangrove trees growing in translucent water.

5900 Bahts for 1 person

Group of 2 persons :

4050 Bahts per person.

Group of 3 persons :
2900 Bahts per person.


Group of 4 persons :
2600 Bahts per person.


Group of 5 persons :

2200 Bahts per person.


Group of 6 persons or more :

2000 Bahts per person.


Included lunch.



You will meet Galie, Reiki Professor and Wellness Therapist, directly at the Villa or on a beach away from the hustle and bustle.



Reiki is a Japanese energy healing method that detoxifies and harmonizes energies, contributing to relaxation and effectively decreasing the intensity of stress. Galie can also take you through the different levels of Reiki certification.



Yoga class combining three methods, Yin Yoga (stretching to relax the body in depth), Vinyasa Flow (sports, fluid, creative and rhythmic yoga based on the synchronization of movement with breathing) and Hatha Yoga (combination of postures, breathing exercises and meditation).


Tibetan Singing Bowls

Experience a unique sensory experience by detoxifying the body, regenerating the mind and preparing for a holistic journey to complete well-being.


Reiki Session : 900 Bahts per person, 1 hour.

Reiki Level 1 : 5700 Bahts, 3 days

Reiki Level 2 : 5700 Bahts, 3 days

Reiki Level Master : 11500 Bahts, 5 days.



1 person : 800 Bahts.

2 persons : 700 Bahts per person.

3 persons : 600 Bahts per person.

4 persons or more : 500 Bahts per person.

Singing Bowls


1000 Bahts per person for a group session.



Private session during participants discover the fundamentals and subtleties of climbing focusing in particular on the aspects of relaxation, stress management and breathing.


You will also receive practical instructions on belaying techniques, safety procedures and communication adapted to climbing.


Following a brief preparation for the combined mind-body movement, your instructor will organize your climbs to optimize your climbing performance and reach a fluid climb state while being immersed in a beautiful natural environment.


Suitable for adults and children from 4 years.


Half day :


Morning: 8:30 - 12:30


Afternoon: 1.30 pm - 5.30 pm

For 1 person : 3600 Bahts


Group of 2 persons :

2650 Bahts per person.


Group of 3 persons :

2200 Bahts per person.

Group of 4 persons :

1950 Bahts per person.


Group of 5 persons :

1600 Bahts per person..

Group of 6 persons or more : 

1500 Bahts per person.



We offer 4 full day programs, allowing you to discover, far from tourist trails, the wealth of our region.


Sensation and discoveries

Discover the local way of life, agriculture, plantations Discovery of caves and freshwater lagoons. Idyllic views, Meeting with wild animals Rivers, swimming.


The preserved island

Discovery of the local way of life, fish farming, rice cultivation, crab and mussel farming, fish farm. Longtail Boat ride in the mangroves, visit the caves.


Cascade and natural park

Discovery of the local way of life, agriculture, plantations. Discovery of caves. Discovery of the park and the waterfall, swimming. Meeting with wild animals


Temple, caves, river and mangrove

Visit of a magnificent temple Lunch by the river. Longtail boat ride through the mangrove and visit the caves

Sensation and discoveries

Scooter, car or minivan

Adult on scooter :  2 100 Bahts

Adult in car or minivan :    2 500 Bahts

Child - 12 years on scooter :   

1 050 Bahts

Child - 12 years in car or minivan :  1250 Bahts

The preserved island

Scooter and boat or tuktuk and boat

Adult on scooter : 2500 Bahts 

Adult on tuk-tuk : 2800 Bahts

Child - 12 years on scooter :  1250 Bahts

Enfant - 12 years on tuk-tuk : 

1400 Bahts

Waterfall and natural park 

Scooter, car or minivan

Adult on scooter : 2200 Bahts

Adult in car or minivan : 

2600 Bahts

Child - 12 years on scooter :   

1100 Bahts

Child - 12 years on car or minivan :   1300 Bahts

Temple, caves, rivers and mangrove

Car or minivan

Adult : 2700 Bahts     

Child - 12 years : 1350 Bahts



Half day.


Kayak departure with guide on a lake with transparent waters surrounded by karstic mountains.


A totally preserved natural setting, breathtaking.


After crossing the mangrove, you will arrive on an emerald pool to enjoy a refreshing swim in translucent water.


Meals included in a restaurant overlooking the lake.

1100 Bahts per adult

550 Bahts - 12 years

Lunch included

cooking class


Discover the subtleties of Thai cuisine with our recognized Thai Chef.


4 time slots are proposed (in each one you will cook 4 dishes chosen from a selection):


- 09:00 - 12:30


- 13h - 17h30


- 14h - 17h30


- 18h - 21h


Return transfers from the Villa are included.

Programs at 1500 Bahts per person :

- 9h - 12h30

- 13h - 17h30

Programs at 1200 Bahts per person :

- 14h - 17h30

- 18h - 21h



The Kids Club combines activities based on nature, in a fun and fun way.


The aim is to engage children in creative learning, conscious movement, stimulation of critical thinking and the balance of content-based learning with practical experiences in and around nature.


With this combination, children are increasing their awareness of the environment and their interest in sustainable lifestyles.


Various activities are organized :

- Yoga, dance and music for body awareness.

- nature education and permaculture to create an enthusiasm for nature and acquire skills of savoir-vivre

- art, craft and expression for creativity, self-expression and dexterity.

- outdoor adventure for leadership, concentration, calm and strength.

800 Bahts per child.

Age : 3 to 15 years.

Minimum of 2 children.



Go explore the tropical rain forests, mangroves, coastal areas and discover the incredible diversity and beauty of the lush nature of southern Thailand!


The hiking and observation trails are moderately difficult with occasional steep slopes, making them accessible to as many people as possible.


On request, trekking can be oriented towards bird watching and identification; and provide a list of species as well as binoculars.


Departure from the Villa at 8am, back around 14.30.


Meals and transfers included.

For 1 person  : 5200 Bahts


Group of 2 persons :

2800 Bahts per person.


Group of 3 persons :

2400 Bahts per person.

Group of 4 persons :

2000 Bahts per person.


Group of 5 persons or more :

1600 Bahts per person.